Information Sheets

Below are some useful information sheets about problems commonly encountered in the Glen Innes area.  The information is general in nature and for specific advice please contact your veterinarian.


Dental Care for Dogs

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Large Animal Information Sheets

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (Pestivirus)

Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations

Calf Scours (general information)

Treating calf scours (from MLA)

Preventing calf scours (from MLA)

Calving Problems In Beef Cattle

Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis

Colic in Horses

Equine Dentistry

Equine Vaccination

Frothy Bloat In Cattle

Laminitis In Horses

Worming Horses

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Small Animal Information Sheets

1080 Poisoning in Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs

Avian Nutrition

Chocolate Toxicity in Pets

Christmas Hazards for Pets

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Dental Health in Dogs and Cats

Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs and Cats

Feeding Your Dog

Feline Urinary Tract Infection

Flea Treatment Over The Winter Months


Gastrointestinal Foreign Body in Dogs and Cats

Heart Disease In Dogs

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Kennel Cough In Dogs

Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats

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