Our Facilities

The Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital is a purpose built facility that caters for small and large animals. Our facilities and skill of our veterinarians and nurses means that we can provide you with the service that suits your needs.

The Hospital is made up of a number of rooms:
-Reception: The first entry point to our hospital. A large range of merchandise for small and large animals is available and includes the Hills Pet Food range. If any item that you require is not stocked we can order it in for you (usually arrives within 3 days). Our friendly nurses will arrange consultation or admission of your pet.

-Small Animal Consult Room 1: This is generally where most small animals (dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, mice, rats etc) are initially examined.

-Small Animal Consult Room 2: Allows us to conduct two consults at one time.

-Isolation ward: Where pets with contagious or dangerous diseases are hospitalised

-Pharmacy: We keep a comprehensive range of medications so that for most animals that we see a medical treatment can be given as appropriate.

-Cat ward – A separate ward dedicated to our feline patients.

-Office: Where we do the paperwork that keeps the clinic running and ensures all treatments are recorded electronically.

-Treatment room: This room is equipped with anaesthetic machines, commonly used medications and dental equipment. We use this room to treat hospitalised animals and do ‘dirty’ surgeries such as abscesses and dentistry. (Dirty surgeries are those where a
large amount of bacteria may be present).

-Surgery: We have a dedicated surgery for ‘clean’ surgeries. It is here that our veterinary surgeons operate and our nurses monitor your pet during the procedure. Typical surgeries include desexing, orthopaedics (repair of fractured bones), and abdominal surgeries such as foreign bodies stuck in the intestines.

-X-ray room: A fully lead lined room that enables us to take high quality x-rays of your pet. We also use this darkened room as an ultrasonography room. Our veterinarians are trained in the use of veterinary ultrasounds enabling us to diagnose problems without
operating on your pet.

-Laboratory: We have pathology equipment that enables us to run blood tests on your pet and have the results within 15 minutes.
Previously these samples had to sent to Brisbane meaning a turn around time of 24 hours. We also have microscopes and semen processing equipment (for large animal artificial insemmination).

-Hydrobath & blow dryer – means we can bath your pet all year round.

-Indoor stables and Mare Crush – allows us to treat large animals and hospitalise them.

-Cattle crush and horse crush – we are able to treat both cattle and horses. We have a veterinarian who has received special training in equine dentistry and is able to treat even complicated equine dental cases.

Our hospital runs the latest veterinary software meaning that the details (including history and lab results) of your pet are available at the click of a mouse.