Feline Lower Urinary Tract Dieseases

We are seeing an increased number of cats presented with Lower Urinary Tract Disease which is probably due to lower water intake because of the cooler and overcast weather. The symptoms of this condition are characterized by painful urination and cats may be seen to strain to urinate, vocalise while toileting, produce frequent small amounts of urine (sometimes with blood) and go to the toilet outside of the litterbox or in unusual places. Cats can also be lethargic, depressed, drink more than normal and lick at their genital area frequently.

The disease can progress to complete blockage of the urethra (meaning the cat can not urinate) and this can happen within hours. This can be a life threatening disease and early detection generally improves outcome. If you notice any of the above signs please contact your vet immediately.

Ongoing treatment of this disease generally revolves around dietary management (feeding Prescription Diets) and encouraging increased water intake.

A handout on Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease can be found on our Information page.

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