Stop Parvo In Its Tracks


‘Parvo’ is a highly contagious infectious disease of dogs caused by canine parvovirus. It is often fatal, especially in dogs infected at less than 1 year of age when deaths from the disease can be 50% or greater.

Dogs with parvo most often develop severe enteritis, leading to vomiting and diarrhoea that is often, but not always, bloody. Infected dogs are also lethargic, have a high fever and won’t eat. In very young puppies, the virus can also infect the heart, often leading to sudden death.

The most common source of infection is directly from an infected dog shedding virus in its faeces or from virus that has contaminated the environment. Canine parvovirus is one of the most stable viruses in the environment, surviving for at least one year or more in soil.

While parvo can potentially be treated, it is not always successful, can be expensive, and means much unnecessary suffering for your dog. Vaccination is the only certain method of preventing this potentially fatal disease.

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Remember – parvo is a vaccine-preventable disease!